Who we are

Led by Luis Quartin and with a set of expert contributors in the areas where it operates, it is a multidisciplinary team that has known and multipurpose who the capacity of winning markets and responding to requests, demanding and diverse, mobilizing and managing resources and expertise in order to meet the needs and projects of our clients.


What we do


We are seriously committed in providing services that contribute to the improvement of organizations and strengthen its Human Systems.

We work in several areas in a holistic perspective that believes that the properties of a system cannot be explained only by the sum of its parts, as Aristotle summarized, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The fact that each organization is a unique phenomenon implies knowledge about their reality. The solutions to an organization may not work for another. An outcome (good or bad) is the result of attitude and quality of players.

Success rates:

% of National placements: 90
% of International placements: 95
% de Estágios Financiados Aprovados: 91
Performed Assessment DISC: 61



Working with Luis Quartin and with FISH Consultants means getting excellent results, the result of a detailed knowledge of who engages body and soul into every project that you trust. It was always a good bet and will certainly continue to be for all those who submit a job to perform. Thanks Luis Quartin for all that you did for Viprese. A Big Hug. Pedro Luz
João Pedro Luz, Viprese
More than ever it makes sense to work with the FISH Consultants. They focus on what really serves the interests of those seeking a suitable and decent jobs and help those in need of qualified professionals to ease the financial burden that a hiring entails. It is the time of such services and this is the team and the right company to get them done successfully.
Bruno Castanheira, Global ISP